I’d like to give special thanks to the work of Brene Brown and my friend Tom who told me about her 20 minute Ted Talk video below!  She has helped me frame much of the language I use today to tell my story and make sense of what I’ve been seeking for so long!   I kept a deep secret and unworthiness and shame that held me back from experiencing the kinds of connections I longed to have in life!

In October, 2013 I told my wife, parents,brothers, close friends and the leadership of the church where I was a pastor that I am gay!  I waited a long time to tell the truth.  I was a week shy of my 38th birthday.  This blog in part is therapeutic for myself as well as an offering of hope and perspective to those who want to learn and cultivate more conversation.

I’m now a divorced, gay dad of three great kids!  I hope that my stories help in some way!  Please feel free to reach out and say hello!   In 2015 I hope to break out of my shell a bit and find more ways to encourage other’s to come out from underneath shame and embrace who they are!  Please feel free to send me a message and share your story or just say hello!

Me and DrewMe and the girls


When you get a chance take watch this video!  Take special note of the themes of connection, worthiness, vulnerability, shame and wholeheartedness!  If you resonate with her pick up her book called The Gifts of Imperfection too!





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