With her notebook in hand she jumped into the passenger seat of my car.  I asked where she was headed?   She told me that the Speak EZ Lounge had an open mic night and she was doing some last minute Uber ride notes on her speech. The night’s topic was about how people of the opposite sex had impacted life.  She told me of her exit from an abusive relationship and the many things she had discovered about herself.  She was full of enthusiasm about the change in her life in just a short year and a half.

I told her that I had been doing some writing myself the last year or so.   I shared the basic details about coming out and we bantered a bit back and forth about it.  I wished her good luck and dropped her off.  It was late and I wanted to do a few more Uber rides before I called it quits for the night.  I was also intrigued and thought it would be fun to stop in and listen quietly in the back.

My next request came through and I was off to pick up my next customer.  Then another and another until the nagging “why not, it might be fun” voice rose to the surface.  I found parking, walked in and sat at the bar and ordered a drink.  I looked around but I didn’t see her.  When I asked the bartender if the lady who told the story about her abusive husband went up yet I learned I had missed her.

Suddenly, she appeared behind me exclaiming she couldn’t believe I came back. I apologized that I missed her speech.  No worries she said and then coaxed me to get up there and tell my story.  My immediate reaction was no thanks.  Then after a few more sips of my beer I decided that I may as well give it a shot.  I walked up to the MC and asked if it was too late for another entry.  He said that I would be last.  I waited for my name to be called and I was up.

Afterwards, I felt great. I walked back to my seat and then my Uber rider screamed as third place was award to me.  I had no idea that it was a contest.  On my way out several people introduced themselves to me and thanked me for sharing.

Sometimes you just need a little nudge.


Here’s the link to watch the video:





3 thoughts on “Brave

    1. Wow, you’ve really chunked out again. (very un-gay of you) How about you stop being such a douche and start paying child support for your 3 beautiful children?? And keep in mind, YOU did this. This was your selfish choice. Now man up (as best you can) and take responsibility for those you left in your wake.


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